Best Lock Food Storage Container 2020: Comparisons, Reviews, and Buying Guide

Best Lock Food Storage Container

What does a safe, a food storage container and your bank account have in common? They all have locks to protect the content in these various storage system so you do not become a victim of robbery of any form.

Now, you’re probably thinking, who or what can rob your food from your food storage container? Yeah? Well, here’s a quick answer, air and water can absolutely prevent you from enjoying your leftovers.

How? Try storing your food in a random container whose cover is not firm and does not have a lock. My bet is, if stored in the refrigerator, it’s likely water creeps in, messing up the leftover in the process or when placed on a table, air flows in and steals every bit of freshness and good taste your food has while allowing it decay fast.

More so, if the food container is mistakenly knocked off your hand or the table and it falls to the ground, do well to bid your food farewell as, like mud or water, it would splatter across the floor.

Now, speaking of locks, the kind of locks used to secure your safe or bank account clearly differs from that of a food storage container. To protect your safe or back account, you only need a PIN that would be known to you alone.

In the context of a food storage container, you do not need any PIN but a protective lock that snaps down or up to hold the cover firmly in place or a rubber suction belt to prevent food from falling out.

Because food require money and time investment, one way you can get the best out of food is by investing in food storage containers that would help you store your leftovers so you wont have to throw it away.

With a good storage container that goes out of its way to protect your leftovers, busy people can finally eat healthily and no longer on junk food etc. Although not all food storage containers are carved with a protective lock, we have traveled far and wide to help you collate the best food storage containers with locks to help you preserve your leftovers and maintain a healthy diet.

It should be noted that the above collated food storage containers with locks do not have compartments but come in a set of 3, 4 or 20 depending on which one catches your attention more.

More so, they are all made of glass while some have their locks made of rubber that is BPA-Free to ensure you stay healthy regardless what your choice would be. In addition, unlike food storage containers with compartments, this is quite expensive.

Perhaps because it is made out of glass and has a quite a number of containers that make up the set. Without further ado, read on to discover why the above selected 5 food storage containers with locks could be the best for storing your leftovers.

Utopia Kitchen [18-Pieces] Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids.

This is a transparent food storage container made out of glass also with a transparent cover. This feature makes it quite easy to tell what food is stored in this fancy food storage container.

It comes in a set of 9 different sizes which makes it 18 pieces in total (Including the transparent covers). If you are seeking a lock safe food storage container then you should consider buying this set as the air tight lids are designed to keep water and air out while preventing these elements from polluting your leftovers.


Made out of durable glass, this transparent food storage container set of 9 comes in different sizes to fit your every need.

Do not worry because each container comes with its own fitting lid which is a four-latch polypropylene designed to keep water and air from polluting your food. The lid is quite easy to open and close and it closes downwards.


It is carved from FDA approved glass material with lids that are BPA-Free. This makes it suitable for the oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Being a thick borosilicate glass, it is durable. Hence, be sure to use it for as long as you can.


  • It is durable
  • It has leak-proof lids.


  • It is weighty.

Rubbermaid 1977447 Leak-Proof Brilliance Food Storage Container.

Although they resemble glass food containers, this food storage container is purely plastic but is transparent so that anyone can see what’s inside which is quite fancy. It has no compartment but comes in a set of 5 in different sizes. The lids are airtight and the entire container is absolutely lightweight. Hence, it makes it easy for you to carry food in it from point A to point B.


This food storage container comes in a set of 5 with different sizes. As a result of the modular design it follows, it makes it easy and convenient to stack this container in the refrigerator of your lunch bag. The airtight lids firmly keep the cover in place, keeping the food stored in it fresh. It also makes it easy to move food from place to place without fear of spilling your food. Hence, you can conveniently carry soups or sauce in this container knowing that it won’t spill.


Made from BPA-free plastic container, it is absolutely microwave safe and cold resistant. Also, it is easy to wash. This is because, in addition to the plastic material used to make this food storage container, it is stain and odor resistant. In other words, after washing this plastic, residues of stains won’t be lurking. More so, remember how when you open some food containers after a while and an unpleasant odor descend on your nostrils? Well, this container is quite different. Being odor resistant, smells are eliminated from it.


  • It is stain and odor resistant.
  • It is microwave and freezer safe.
  • It is portable and lightweight.
  • It is leak proof.

Glasslock 11292 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set.

Two words that perfectly sums up this food storage container are; flexibility and transparency. It is quite flexible because it is compatible with the microwave, oven, the freezer, the refrigerator and is dishwasher safe. On the side of transparency, this glass container is absolutely see through, making it easy for you to identify which food you stored in it without having to open it.


Like the above food storage containers with lock, this container, by design comes in a set of 9 that includes; one 6.3-cup rectangle, two 3.5-cup rectangle, one 1.6-cup rectangle, one 3.3-cup square, one 1.5-cup square, one 3.1-cup round, one 1.6-cup round, and one 0.7-cup round. Each size is specifically designed to meet your needs. The lids are airtight and latches on to the container with ease to lock in the freshness of your food.


In a bid to reduce further environmental pollution, glass lock ensured that the materials used in creating this amazing masterpiece is absolutely recyclable. Some of the components invested into the make of this food storage container includes; silica, soda ash, limestone and other natural components. The plastic used to make the lid is absolutely BPA-Free making this container nature friendly.


  • It is odor free and stain proof.
  • It is air and liquid resistant.
  • It is leak-proof.


  • Although, according to the company, it is microwave safe, it tends to shatter while microwaving foods in it


Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

The first noticeable quality of this food storage container is that it is a blend of green lids and a transparent body. More so, the lids do not look like the regular lids on some of the previously reviewed food storage containers. It is a 6-piece set with transparent body for easy viewing and green TrueSeal lids. It can withstand both hot and cold temperatures without cracking.


This is a 3 set rectangular food storage container each with lids fitting for its size. It has been designed to be pre-heated oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. In gas and electric oven, it can withstand up to 425 degrees. The plastic lids can absolutely withstand the microwave heat melting as it is BPA-Free. You can easily transport your food from this container unto a plate, if you wish, with ease.


The glass material used in carving this container is quite strong as it absorbs stains and odors without traces. This makes it very easy to clean. The lids are made from plastic and it is BPA-Free. It is quite effective in ensuring that this glass food storage container achieves the leak-proof feature.


  • It is leak-proof and odor resistant.
  • It is very easy to wash and get stains out
  • It is flexible in terms of use.



Snapware 1122515 Glass Food Storage Set 24-Pieces.

Still in the spirit of transparency, this food storage container closely follows the pattern of the previously reviewed containers. It is transparent and made of glass. When you package your food in this food container, you can absolutely microwave it if it gets cold without having to worry about the glass exploding in your face and starting a scary fire (lol). The snap lock is quite effective in maintaining food freshness for a long while. Thus, with this food container, never again should you be sacred of eating stale food because time is just not a friend.


This 12 set of food storage container is designed in various sizes with three varying shapes; round, square and rectangle. The containers all have lids made of plastic on their own with blue silicone seal that is majorly to ensure that the container is airtight and leak-proof. When not in use, in order to save space in your kitchen, they have been designed to be easily stackable. If you are the type that likes to be precise about the meal you stored up for the days of the weak, the lids are designed to allow you label the containers with markers. You can easily erase the labels off the covers once the labeling has served its purpose.


Made with pyrex glass, this food storage container is absolutely stain proof. The covers on the other hand are made of BPA-Free plastic that ensure that when you microwave your meal in the container, harmful chemicals do not interact with your food. This stain proof feature makes it unbelievably easy to wash/clean, relieving you of stress. More so, you do not have to bother about odors long after using this food storage container.


  • It is stackable
  • It is stain-proof and odor resistant.
  • It is durable



  • The lids can be prone to cracking hence needs to be handled with great care.

The fact that your work keeps you busy and prevents you from cooking yourself really healthy delicacies does not mean you are condemned to an eternity of unhealthy foods (heck, no!). They say, if you can’t beat them get a bigger stick. In this context, “no time” is the enemy and you getting a bigger stick would be laying your hands on an amazing food storage container that allows you prep your meal for an entire week during weekends. Any of the above food storage container (or others not enlisted in this article) would surely help you maintain a healthy diet even with a crazy work schedule.

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