Best Food cubby Separator and Partitioned Plates 2020: Comparisons, Reviews, and Buying Guide

 Best Food Separator and Partitioned Plates 2020: Comparisons, Reviews, and Buying Guide

Why should one have various dishes on the dining table when one can have just a dish? This I believe was the question ringing in the ears of people over the years.

People not only sought better ways to eat varieties in one plate with ease but also better ways to stick to their nutritional diets. And this brought about the invention of partitioned plates and food separators alike. Today, they are one of the best things to ever grace the dining table.

But then again the invention of food separators and partitioned plates presented yet another problem. And this problem included choosing the appropriate product from a wide array.

Knowing this, we painstakingly decided to compare and review various food separators and partitioned plates. This we believe will help you in buying the appropriate food separator or partitioned plate the next time you decide to shop online.

Without further ado, below are our top 10 food separators and partitioned plates

Choosing a food separator or partitioned plate to enhance your next dining experience goes beyond picking any of the above-listed products. There are instead certain things that you should consider which include the material, durability, and product design.

Although food separators and partitioned plates are not exactly expensive, price is also a major factor to consider when shopping for them. It is also important to note that what you need a food separator or partitioned dish should match the product or rather the design you choose.

For example, if you eat starch, soup, vegetable, and protein as a meal regularly, it is important that you get a food separator or partitioned plate that gives you four partitions and is characterized by strong suctions.

Review of the listed top 10 food separators and partitioned plates: Top products promoting healthy nutritional diets and meal varieties.

Do you seek a food separator that matches your budget or you seek a multi-purpose food separator that helps you measure your meals alongside?

Do you seek a flat partitioned plate or you would rather go for a box-like, lunch-friendly, or portable partitioned plate? Well, continue reading below as we have reviewed all the best options with their pros and cons to help you in choosing what suits your needs best.

Food Cubby 2 Pieces Plate Divider


  1. Food Cubby Plate Divider 2 PACK


Popular Plate Divider/Food Separator Choice 

If you are seeking a multi-purpose food separator, then Food Cubby 2 pieces of food separator is a good choice. They have been designed to help keep various kinds of foods from touching each other while making scooping easier. It is also a popular choice by parents who have kids still learning to eat as it helps children scoop their food better be it solid or liquid food

Type: Two arc-shaped pieces  | Colour: Green, Blue, Clear, White | Dimensions: 5*3.5*0.1 inches | Weight: 2.72 ounces


Food Cubby 2 pieces of food separator are designed to be arc-shaped which helps it fit into various kinds of plates. This food separator is designed to comprise one big and one small food separator allowing two people to use it at once or offering a person four food portions at once.


Food Cubby 2 pieces of food separator are made of food-safe silicone. This material ensures it sections strongly to not only flat plates, but also tables, high chairs, and other smooth surfaces.

Food Cubby 2 Pieces Plate Divider: Pro & Con
  • It strongly suctions to plates and can hold runny foods effectively.
  • The material is durable and easy to maintain.
  • It helps in portion control as it can half of the plates.
  • To get more than two portion one has to fit it to a plate the two pieces.
  • It is quite heavy than usua

Ronmilx Two-Pieces Triangle Plate Divider


Ronmilx 2 Pcs Triangle Plate Divider

Portable Two-Piece Triangle Food Separator

Ronmilx two-piece triangle food separator is a portable tool that allows for easy plate division. It also further enhances nutritional diet adherence. More interestingly, it comes with two triangles shaped pieces allowing two people to eat with ease at once be it an adult and child or two adults.

Type: Two Triangle Shaped food separator  | Colour: Orange, Green | Dimensions: Big – 3.5 Inches; Small – 2 76 Inches


Ronmilx Two-pieces triangle food separator features a bottom air compression and strong cup seals design which helps partition food be it solid or runny effectively.


It is made of a safe food graded silicone material. This material is certified BPA-free, meets up with FDA standard and LFGB, environmentally friendly, and odorless. This material ensures that the triangle plate divider strongly suctions to flat ceramic dishes.

Ronmilx Two-Pieces Triangle Plate Divider: Pro & Con
  • It fits up to half a cup of food within its walls.
  • It effectively stops runny food.
  • It comprises of two sets, one big and one small which can be used by an adult or child.
  • It is made of non-toxic and odorless material.
  • Better suited for meals with four food variety

Food Cubby One Piece Triangle Plate Divider


Triangle Food Cubby Plate Divider

Simple One-piece Triangle Food Separator

Unlike the two-piece arc-shaped Food Cubby Plate divider, the one-piece triangle food separator is made to be a simple eating device. With this device, one does not need to attach two food separators to a plate but one instead. Interestingly, it effectively keeps runny food from spreading and offers three mini partitions.

Type: One-piece Triangle Food Separator  | Colour: Green, Blue, Orange, Clear | Dimensions: 6*3.5*0.8 Innes | Item Weight: 2.4 Ounces


Food Cubby one-piece triangle food separator is designed to divide plates effectively and keep runny foods from spreading in the plate. It also features mini suction cups to ensure it has a stronghold.


It is made with FDA-approved silicone material. The material is also certified food-safe (non-toxic) and BPA-free.

Food Cubby One Piece Triangle Plate Divider: Pro & Con
  • It has a stronghold on plates.
  • It helps to effectively proportion food.
  • It is also portable and can be traveled easily.
  • It can only give three food portions.

ZhideUS Two Pieces Food Separator


ZhideUS Family Essential Food Separator


Budget-friendly Family Essential two-piece Food Separator

ZhideUS two-piece food separator is a simple food device that can be used by more than one person at once or an adult and child. It is also designed to hold two or more food portions and can prevent the spreading of runny foods.

Type: Two-piece arc-shaped food separator  | Colour: Orange, green | Dimensions: Big – 3.5 Inches; Small – 2.76 Inches | Model: Jcs-1_56_10_890


It is designed to be cubby-shaped or arc-shaped. The two sets which are of different prices allows for one to eat smaller and larger portion whenever one like.


It is made of silicone material which is certified food safe and BPA-free.

ZhideUS Two Pieces Food Separator: Pro & Con
  • It features a small and big partition.
  • One can get two or more food partitions with the food device.
  • It is quite durable and budget-friendly.
  • It is heavier than usual.

Meal Measure Portion Control /Food Separator


Meal Measure Portion Control Tray

Top Choice Weight Management Tool

Meal Measure Portion Control Tray is a tool designed exclusively to measure meals for weight management purposes. However, this tool also doubles as a food separator. On this note, this tool can be used to measure food on dishes and separate them as well.

Type: One Piece Meal Measure/Portion Control  | Colour: Red | Dimensions: 8.3*8*2.3 Inches | Weight: 0.48 Ounces


Meal Measure Portion control tool us designed to fit into most dinner dishes. It also features four partitions for two servings of vegetables and fruits, starch, and protein.


It is made of plastic which makes the tool extremely lightweight and durable.

Meal Measure Portion Control /Food Separator: Pro & Con
  • It helps to effectively manage weight and a healthy eating lifestyle.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • It offers four partitions.
  • It fits most dinner plates.
  • It cannot be used to measure or partition runny foods.

Snowfoller Meal Measure Portion Plate: Snowfoller-Accessory

Snowfoller Meal Measure Portion Plate: Snowfoller-Accessory

Corelle Living Ware Divided PlateSnowfoller Meal Measure Portion Plate is a dinnerware designed to promote healthy eating. For this reason, one is offered an opportunity to eat three variety of food in just one meal without them touching. Also, for people who would rather not have to attach a food separator tool to their dishes, this dinnerware is a valuable option.

Type: Three Partitions Dinner Ware |  Colour: White/Winter Frost | Dimensions: 10 -1/4 Inches


It simply designed and characterized by there partitions on the dish. All partitions except one are also of the same sizes.


It is made of glass material. This makes the dish quite heavy and durable. It is also break-resistant, chip-resistant, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

Corelle Living Ware Winter Frost Divided Dinner Plate: Pro & Con
  • It offers three food partitions.
  • It is made of non-toxic and long-lasting material.
  • The plate dimension is the size of most dinner dishes.
  • Although the partitions do not wear off over time, the height too small to stop runny foods effectively.

Trenton Gift Stainless Steel Divided Plate

Trenton Gifts Reusabel Stainless Steel Divided Plate | Stronger Than Paper & Plastic


Reusable Budget-friendly Partitioned Plate


Trenton Gift stainless divided plate offers picky eaters trying to stick to a budget and opportunity to eat conveniently without their foods touching.

Type: Four Partitions Stainless Steel Plate  | Colour: Stainless Steel Colour | Dimensions: 11 Inches Diameter


Trenton Gift stainless steel divided plate is designed to feature four well-defined food partitions to ensure foods do not touch. Interestingly, the four partitions are quite large to take a balanced diet.


It is made of top-quality stainless steel to ensure it’s sturdy. It also has a polish finishing which makes it bend or sag-free.

Trenton Gift Stainless Steel Divided Plate: Pro & Con
  • Well-defined partitions.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Strong enough to hold a glass.
  • Large divided sections may promote over-eating.

La boos Square Portion Control Plate

Environmentally-friendly Portion Control Plate

La boos portion control plate is made to promoting the serving of a balanced diet as recommended by the USDA dietary guidelines. It is also designed to prevent overeating as it doubles as a standard meal measure.

Type: Four Partitions Square plate |  Colour: Fine Wood color


La boos portion control plate is made to prevent overeating. It consists of four food partitions all measures to take the USDA food recommendation of 38% vegetable and fruit, 18% protein, and 32% starch or cereals.


It is made of strong fine bamboo wood. This makes it strong and long-lasting. It also ensures it non-toxic (phthalates and BPA-free).

La boos Square Portion Control Plate: Pro & Con
  • Four well-defined Partitions.
  • Ideal for eating runny foods.
  • It is durable and unbreakable.
  • It is non-toxic as it is made purely of natural material – bamboo.
  • It promotes healthy eating as recommended by the USDA.
  • It is elegant
  • It is quite heavy.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • It has no lid.

Bentology Portion Control Lunch Box

Travel Essential Weight Loss Lunch Box

The Bentology portion control lunch box is weight loss and healthy eating kit ideal for everyone seeking to lose weight and adopt a healthy dietary habit.

Type: Five pieces of portion control Lunch Box | Colour: Translucent and Turquoise


The Bentology portion control lunch box features five inner containers with lids all inside a translucent box with if as well. It also features a 20-page weight loss plan booklet which includes a shopping list, recipes, workout routine, 2 weeks meal plan, and motivational tips.


It is made of BPA-free, Lead-free plastic. This makes the products not only easy to clean and leak-proof but also long-lasting.

Bentology Portion Control Lunch Box: Pro & Con
  • Ideal weight loss travels essentially.
  • Efficient weight loss kits.
  • Ideal meal measure.
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe.
  • 1-year manufacturers guarantee.
  • It is quite larger than usual

Foyo Divided Salad Platter

Healthy Diet Partitioned Salad Platter

Foyo Divided salad platter is dinnerware that promotes healthy eating habits. The material it is made of also makes eating healthy attractive and classy.

Type: Four Partitions Salad Platter  | Colour: Translucent | Dimensions: 10 Inches Diameter; 1-1/2 Inches


It is made of four well-defined partitions ideal for eating salad, sauces, jam, and side dishes. This is to promote healthy eating and weight loss. All partitions are also measured for proper portion control.


Foyo divided salad platter is made of tapered glass which is 2.5 times more stranger than any ordinary glass. This ensures it is microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe. It is also chip and impact-resistant with no smell pollution.

Foyo Divided Salad Platter: Pro & Con
  • Easy meal measure and portion control.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It accommodates four food varieties at once.
  • It is easy to clean after use.
  • It is durable.
  • It is quite heavy.
  • It has no lid.

BUYING GUIDE: Things to Consider When Shopping

Like I mentioned earlier in this article, there are certain important things to consider when choosing the perfect food separator or partitioned dish. These important factors include;

  1. Design. The design of the product should guide you in choosing what suits you best. If you eat more than four food varieties at every mealtime, then you should go for a product that offers you this. This applies to every other design.
  2. Budget. You should carefully consider your budget before choosing your perfect product. If you are on a low budget, then a low-cost product is what you need and vice versa.
  3. Quality. Top quality product is sure to last longer than low-quality products. So choose wisely.
  4. Need. Your need matter too. Do you need a lunch box, a portable travel essential, or an everyday dinnerware? This should guide you in choosing wisely.
  5. Material. Plastic, silicone, glass, stainless, and even wood are not the same material. Some are durable than the other and some are heavier than the other. So pick what suits you best.
  6. Size. If you eat more food than usual, then a bigger dish or product is what you need and vice versa.

Altogether, the review and buying guide above is sure to guide you in choosing the perfect food separator or partitioned dish.

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