About foodseparators

Foodseparators.com is a blog that centers on varieties of food cubby plates, divider plates etc. We also Offer coverage and reviews on other kitchen items.

Foodseparators.com has been positioned to offer potential buyers of these products the opportunity compare the best products that are in the market.

Founded in November 2019 , foodseparators.com was created out of passion for the love of kitchen related products . Foodseparators.com was founded in November 2019 by ikechukwu m.

Our mission remains straightforward and centers on how buyers get the possible best out of their money. Our Founders started foodseparators.com to to solve a major problem facing potential buyers: How do we introduce people to get the best out from numerous product out there.

Our Core Values.

Authentic Writing.
We put all ideas and all we know through carefully researched,users experience, just how we know and see it.

Passion Driven.

We are driven by a personal commitment to get to know what’s new in the market and try one or two out from the market then give a brief review about the product.

Connected and approachable.

We the admin and founder of food separators strive at all cost to maintain a healthy relationship with all who go through our articles


We love what we do and do not take ourselves too seriously. We share knowledge in a fun and easy to understand way but very cautions about quality.